Baja Mexico Youth Group Trip

Postponed due to COVID-19

Building Projects, Street Evangelism, Changing Lives


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Imagine an area and people in poverty and a church in need. You will be assisting a local church in doing various building projects and work! Enabling them to be able to reach more people.
Imagine reaching generations through drama in the streets!

Imagine one on one ministry where people are accepting Jesus for the first time because you came and loved on them!

Imagine going to an orphanage playing and loving on kids that don’t have a family!

Imagine outdoor events that target kids, youth, college, young adults, and families, reaching them where they are at, in the streets! Take over a town’s soccer field or basketball court with bounce houses, music, food, and JESUS!

Apply with a $25 individual registration fee or a $250 youth group registration fee.

Registration Deadline: TBA

Location: Baja Mexico near Rosarito

Minimum Age: 12

Recommended for youth groups!

Trip Cost: $998* | July 13-22, 2020 (+ domestic airfare or transportation to San Diego)

Requirements: Valid Passport or passport card

*Trip cost includes the following: in country meals, **lodging, and transportation; ministry and outreach materials; staff and leadership; fun day excursion, and more!

**Lodging will be indoors but camping style with our partner church/no AC

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