Meet some of the Fuel International Staff

Dan Crosby, President & Founder

About thirty years ago Dan took his first short-term mission trip and was HOOKED! It was on this trip that God opened his eyes to a whole other world and broke his heart for those that have yet to hear about Jesus; His mercy, grace and compassion for them. Since then Dan has traveled and ministered in over 25 different nations of the world and sending teams to many of these places. Dan has been a part of sending thousands to the nations in teams like; youth, college, and family, doing water filtration, disaster relief, construction, and drama evangelism. Dan has a passion to see the Priority People Groups (PPG’s) reached and believes that short-term missions has a role to play in that, so much so that, he built a team with Maria that ended up planting a church among a 99.9% muslim community through short-term teams – check out the full story and video here.

Dan has earned his masters in International Organization Leadership.
Dan has a pastors heart and is very apostolic in nature. He and his wife are also church planters and believe in and love the local church and this generation, and know the impact they can have in the nations of the world.

Dan was director of Aquire the Fire in the early years and later was also the Executive Director of Global Expeditions. He was also missions pastor for 9 years in NW Indiana.

Maria Crosby, Secretary & Founder

This woman loves the nations of the world. Maria went on here first mission trip to Guatemala back in 1987 and has not stopped since, not even to have babies! Her oldest was in her womb as she and Dan ministered throughout China and walked on the Great Wall to later return when the child was only 3 months old. Maria’s youngest was literally potty trained in a van traveling through Tanzania While mobilizing the churches to reach their PPG’s. Maria is not just married to a church planter and missionary, but has been an integral part in mobilizing and training this generation to take them to the nations of the world. Maria believes in this generation and that they can change the world. So much so, that they continue to pour their lives into youth, college and young adults every week through training and discipleship.

Maria graduated with a Bachelors in Spanish Education. Co-director of Aquire the Fire in the early years and was co-missions pastor in NW Indiana.

Brian Chinn, Vice-President

Brian began his missions journey in the 90s going with a youth group on a mission trip to the US. This began his obsession with missions for youth. Since then he worked for a nationwide missions organization organizing and leading trips around the world. He has extensive knowledge in setting up trips to various countries globally and the US. He has developed partnerships with people around the world that enable Fuel to partner in the locations.He has extensive leadership on missions having traveled to places like Russia, South Africa, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, Columbia, England, France, Italy, Mexico just to name a few.

Brian was the Operations Director for Global Expeditions for several years – has his Bachelors degree in Organizational Leadership and prior to working for Global Expeditions was the IT Director for a nationwide group of radio stations owned by Radio Training Network, which includes The Joy FM in Florida and HIS Radio in the Carolina’s.

Andrew Weibert

Andrew began his journey in missions going as a teenager.  There he got bit by the missions bug and it became a central point to his life.  He then moved to Texas where he began working for Global Expeditions.  He holds a Bachelors degree from UT Tyler in MIS and uses his skills to help people reach the nations.

Martha Smallwood

Martha has a heart for the nations and youth.

Fuel International Advisory Team

David Neal

David’s passion is to equip this younger generation to more than survive but excel in the market place of tomorrow. Currently is president and owner of, Neal Leadership Group, specializing in executive coaching and business development working with Not For Profit organizations. Passionately believing in one’s ability to achieve their dreams with balance.

David has led many teams overseas in missions and has been a part of the organizational structure that has sent tens of thousands of short-term missionaries all over the Globe.

David has spent over 45 years in business learning from the ground up starting with his father’s business in managing work teams at age 12 to working with Fortune 50 companies, organizations and individuals.

David Neal’s mission has been assisting individuals in achieving their potential. This focus has not been limited to just a business nature but also in gaining a balance between their personal goals/values and career objectives. A key to his success has been to facilitate/lead individuals to a greater understanding of their personal and professional efficiency and ingenuity.

As one of the senior leaders within the businesses, one of the original team members of AT&T Universal Card that received the Malcolm Baldridge Award for service excellence.

For the past 13 years worked with Teen Mania Ministries, at the time one of the countries largest youth organizations concentrating on equipping college age youth to change the world of today. Held numerous positions such as Director of Executive Leadership and Executive Director of Global Expeditions.

He strongly believes in never stop learning which has been demonstrated through completing advanced training at: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Advanced Management Program; Columbia University’s Graduate School Business; Harvard Business School; Stop @ Nothing Organizational and Professional Development Program; Four-month Clinical Pastoral Education.. After receiving his BA from DePaul University, earned his MS from University of Texas at Dallas in Organizational Development and Executive Coaching and is currently enrolled in Regent University’s Doctoral Program in Strategic Leadership.

Saul Altimarno

From an early age, Saúl has heard the voice and calling of God. Experiencing the awesome power and mystery of Christ have been the benchmarks of his life. These encompass the essence of the message he brings to young people and adults around the nation and world. Using the tool of his life experiences, Saúl brings a powerful message about knowing God intimately. He challenges people towards a deeper hunger and thirst for the presence of Jesus. He demonstrates the practicality of the knowledge of God in areas of character development, family issues, friendships and reaching the lost for Christ. Saúl is a motivator, trainer and sender of God’s people.