If you would like to give toward a project, you can DONATE online as a one time give or a recurring gift. In the comment section, state which project you would like your donation for. .
You can also give via check. Make donation to Fuel International, PO Box 939, Monument, CO 80132.

Project: *Crosby Kitchen
Location: Hyderabad, India
Fuel India is constructing a kitchen to feed 50+ orphan and poor children lunch every day.  These children are getting sick because they do not have proper food and nutrition. Any extra food will feed the elderly and poor on the roadside who don’t have shelter and food.. The cost to feed these 50 +children healthy food with proteins, vegetables, whole grains, fruit, and dairy is $450 each month or $5,400 for the year. The cost to build the kitchen is approximately $4,000.  This includes counters, cupboards, a sink, a stove and oven, a large refrigerator, labor, and materials. As soon as the donations come in, the kitchen will be built one section at a time until it is completed. Fuel India has already begun to build the brick wall that will enclose the kitchen from previous donations that have come in.
*Note: Fuel International does not require projects in other countries to use its name or names of its staff. The name “Crosby Kitchen” was suggested by the national Indians and voted on to honor the founders of Fuel International.

Operation Puerto Rico 2018

In addition to taking teams to Puerto Rico, its going to take additional funds to help rebuild Puerto Rico.  FEMA and other non-profits are only giving families a portion of what they need to take care of the repairs and rebuild.  It is estimated that 75,000 new homes are going to have to be rebuilt in Puerto Rico, not to mention repairs, new landscaping, paint jobs, and replenishing of home goods and furniture for thousands of other families.  Not donation is too small or too large.