Our Philosophy

The Three 3’s of Fuel International

Importance of Philosophy

Through years of missions experience, we have put together the following Philosophy of Ministry.  These guielines keep our short-term and now our mid-term teams balanced and on target.  It’s easy to lose sight of why we’re on a trip when we’re hot, sticky, smelly, and about ready to puke.  With these guidelines over the past several years our team members and the missionaries we hook up with have a positive experience.  We see lives touched and nations reached for the glory of God!

Mission Statement: Fuel International is an international mobilization and advocacy mission organization established for the purpose of enlightening, motivating, training, and equipping The Church toward cross-cultural mission involvement with the ultimate goal of reaching the Priority People Groups with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 24:14)

THE 3 S’s:

Servanthood – living for others laying your life down for your brother in the faith

Selflessness – thinking of others, perferring others before yourself

Sacrifice – giving to others, willing to lay your life down for the sake of the Good News of Jesus


THE 3 R’s:

Regional – impacting your region

Relational – committing to one another and building strong bonds of relationship to build God’s kingdom

Revival – stirring up a heart of passion for God and compassion for people among believers, “The Church,” and unleashing His power through us in the earth.



We believe that all these areas need to happen simultaneously in all of our trips in order to be a complete success.

Nationals – Making sure the nationals are impacted – that there is fruit and fruit that remains – Making disiples and getting the people plugged into the body of Christ through Local Churches

The National Church – Lifting up the arms of the national church and missionaries in their vision and dreams for their nation through ecouragement of word and deed, to help them propel their God-given vision. We believe we are to come alongside the national church as Aaron and Hurs, lifting their arms in the vision God has given them for their nation.

Team – Our desire is to see each team member challenged, stretched, and released to fulfill God’s call on there life and have a heart that is transformed to impact their church, region, nation and the nations of the world.