Our Beliefs

  • Jesus Christ – His miraculous virgin birth, His death on the cross (standing in our place) taking all the sins of the world upon Himself, and repairing the gap between God and man through His awesome blood. We believe in His supernatural and powerful resurrection from the dead, His present day healing ministry to bind up the broken hearted and heal wounds, and in His soon, coming return for His people.
  • That the evident work and power of the Holy Spirit in our lives is for today – for holy living and to be His witness, spokesperson, mouth piece, example and ambassadors in growing the kingdom of God.
  • The Bible is active and living – the only infallible, authoritative Word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit and given to us for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.
  • There is only one way we can be saved – that is by faith in Jesus Christ and making a 180 degree turn from and repenting of our old life of sin and turning to a life wholly submitted to Jesus Christ, pursuing righteousness, faith, love and peace.
  • All believers have the call to be a Worldchanger – We believe that a Christian ought to display an extravagant affection for Jesus Christ and be enthusiastically involved in His Mission, “that none should perish. We believe God’s mandate for Christians is summed up in Matthew 28:18-20 and Mark 16:15-17. He commands us to “go”, whether that is in our schools, work places, home, city, state or other nation. We ought to “go” and tell them of Jesus’ love and forgiveness, healing power for their lives. It is crucial that a Christian “follow-through” and serve those they have had an opportunity to introduce to Jesus by encouraging the ongoing redemptive work of God in their lives and make disciples by teaching and training them in the Word of God. Then released in their God-given purposes proclaiming the Good News of Jesus to the whole world (Matt. 24:14).
  • A believer must lead through Servant Leadership – Servant Leadership involves serving with selflessness and sacrifice, an awesome trait found in Jesus. “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and give his life a ransom for many.” (Mk 10:45) Servant leaders serve with an unselfish concern for others – even at the expense and sacrifice of one’s own interests.
  • That a follower of Jesus should walk in Godly authority influence without control – Godly influence is the by-product of a life lived in the presence God, It embraces godly standards, is motivated by godly ideals, demonstrates godly practices, and is empowered by the Holy Spirit. It is authority that is selfless and under the contraints of the Holy Spirit following the foot steps of Jesus.
  • We must promote relationships of integrity and unity among the Body of Christ – It is imperative to create an environment that fosters communication, unity, and growth. As Fuel International nurtures cross-cultural relationships and partnerships with national workers, ministers must remain sensitive to cross-cultural values and beliefs, and gain trust among those who will become friends and partners in the Faith.
  • That to accomplish the “task” of the Great Commission, all vision, plans, strategies, goals adn activities be imersed in committed prayer – It was the prayer life that Jesus lived and modeled that caused his disciples to ask him, “Lord teach us to pray.” All the techniques and strategies for organizational growth and partnerships, apart from prayer, will be in vain. Through prayer the believer is connected to God and it is His enablement that allows us to do the work of the ministry. Prayer must be an attitude of the heart and a state of being.