UPG: New York/Morocco/Senegal: May 30-June 22
New York Only: May 30-June 6
New York Only: October 15-20

This college and young adult trip will begin in the city of Queens, New York. After spending a couple days in intense training, the team will strategically work with a group of churches and ministries to plant an indigenous house church that could expose the Gospel to up to 52 different unreached people groups (UPGs) which could eventually
result in the Gospel being shared to their native countries. Ministry will take place through prayer walks and friendship evangelism.

From New York, the team will board a plane to Morocco, distinguished by its Berber, Arabian and European cultural influences. The team will minister in and visit the ancient cities of Morocco where snake charmers and storytelling still takes place! The team will utilize the ministry tools they learned and put into practice in New York.

From Morocco, the team will fly to Senegal, one of Africa’s key economic and political hubs. During this adventurous prayer journey, the team will continue to learn how to hear God’s voice, gain a heart for the  Unreached, and will be a part of the front line team that will help determine the future Unengaged, Unreached People Group that Fuel International will target for church planting in ongoing trips…short-term missions, long-term impact.

Ages:18-25 (college/young adult)
Requirements: Valid passport
Summer Dates:
New York Only: May 30-June 6
Trip Cost: $996 + domestic airfare

*UPG: New York/Morocco/Senegal: May 30-June 22
Trip Cost: $2196 + domestic and international airfare

*Note: Acceptance by personal interview only

Fall Dates:
New York Only: October 15-20
Trip Cost: $996 + domestic airfare

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