New Orleans USA

July 13 – July 20

Help bring a spiritual awakening to a town in need of the Gospel.


With a heritage built in Voodoo New Orleans is in need of the Gospel.  People are flocking to New Orleans to find a good time and escape.  You will have the opportunity to bring the Gospel to them.  With 40,000 people a night strolling Bourbon Street with no where to go you will meet them.

While this is a place of many tourists, New Orleans is home to many.  We will work alongside a Church who is planting new missions in the area, reaching out into local communities.


Take time out to explore this area that has unique cuisine and history.


In part one of this epic homeland mission we will hit 500 Bourbon street at night to proclaim the Gospel with Street Church.  Open-air preaching, one-on-one witnessing, tract distribution, prayer ministry and various other aspects of “street ministry” are utilized to reach the 40,000+ people that fill this street on an average weekend night.

In part two we will work in an area where a Church will be planted using Adopt-A-Block.  Reaching out to families right in their own neighborhoods is what the Adopt-A-Block ministry is all about.  Servant evangelism, door to door ministry, prayer and touching lives as the hands and feet (and voice) of Jesus.  Our teams also conduct periodic Block Parties to bring the community together for a time of fellowship, food and fun – while providing another opportunity to share Christ and introduce them to His body.

What is the ministry all about, read this to learn a bit more:

“Please, tell me about your ministry?” is what I was asked upon approaching this couple who stopped and stared up at the Raven Street-Church cross as we ministered.

“Do you want the short version or the more meaningful longer version?” I immediately asked.

I began to share with them how nearly twenty years ago we had come to the city just as they had tonight and our lives were forever changed. How upon cross into the French Quarter the scales of mediocrity, indifference, busy-ness, familiarity and good-intention religion were ripped from our eyes and at the moment the voice of the Lord spoke saying…

“When you see it like I saw it then you will do it like I did it”

I spent the next 20 minutes or more stringing together miracle after miracle and mercy after mercy that had brought us to the place where we now were!

Trip Cost: $495*
Trip Dates:  July 13-20
Minimum Age: 13
Youth Groups Allowed: Of Course!  Contact us about group discounts that are available.

* does not include travel to/from New Orleans.

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