“We Love Groups”

Imagine going to a youth conference and a mission trip all in one package! That’s what it’s like on a group mission adventure with Fuel

This is unlike any other mission adventure you have either heard of or experienced.

Want to go to another place – let us know and we will help you create an unforgettable mission impact!

Did i say already, “We love groups”! We love the local church! Missions are one of the most effective tools to bringing a team of people together.

Bring a group from your church, business, or youth. At Fuel we encourage you to bring your leadership team. We will train you and give you the necessary tools to have an amazing trip with profound impact.

What to expect

Leadership Development
Your team will be trained through team building initiatives
IMG_1301This s a great opportunity for leaders to pour into their teams. you will have times to break out throughout your journey, to break into small groups and one-on-one to dig into the lives of your team. you will be ministering right alongside them as they lead people to a relationship with Jesus. You will be their to encourage them in process as they struggle and when they overcome. This is really doing life together!
Out of this world ministry
Whether you are building a house or out in the streets praying for people or putting on an outreach event you will MAKE IMPACT. through our strategic relationships with our Global Partners

Here is what we take care of, so you don’t have to:
Pre-trip training
Airfare negotiation
Setting up all the logistics in country with our Global Partners
Effective ministry each day
IMG_1194 (1)Team Training
A place to sleep
Getting you all home safely with a lives transformed

In the evening, experience worship and messages from speakers geared Worshipto help your teens live out their lives to change the world. It is like having a youth conference and mission trip all wrapped into one!

We have many ways you and your youth group can be involved in missions.

Join a Fuel Trip

Join us on an established trip we are doing already. All the details are planned and ready to go. We can collect the funds your youth are collecting toward the trip or you can do that. We have partners you can work with for your travel, they have been working with groups for years doing missions.  This summer join us in Baja, Mexico; Peru or New Orleans.

Create your own

Take just your group somewhere around the world with one of our many partners. So you want to head somewhere in the world with your group. We have partners all over, from Panama, Italy, India, around the world. We set up everything you need and send a representative from Fuel with your team into country to help with all the details. Our leader can help with the spiritual growth of your team or you can do it all on your own. This is set price above the costs of airfare and in country needs.

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