Youth Groups & Schools

“We Love Groups”

Imagine going to a youth conference and a missions trip all in one package! That’s what it’s like on a youth group missions adventure with Fuel International.

This is unlike any other outreach or mission adventure you have experienced! We are purposeful and intentional with our teams.  Not only with the target location be impacted, but so will your group.

Want to go somewhere we don’t have advertised? Let us know, and we will help you create an unforgettable outreach with impact!

Did I say already, “We love groups!” We love the local church! We love schools! Missions and outreaches are one of the most effective tools to bringing a team of people together.

Bring a group from your church, business, or school. At Fuel, we encourage you to bring your own leadership team. We will train your leadership team and give them the necessary tools to have an amazing trip with profound impact.

What to expect

Leadership Development
Through role modeling and leadership opportunities, you will see team members rise to a new level of leadership. The growth is amazing!

This s a great opportunity for leaders to pour into their teams. There will be times to break out throughout the journey, to break into small groups and dive one-on-one into the lives of the team. Leaders will be doing outreaches right alongside team members to love and value people and to lead people to a relationship with Jesus. You will be there to encourage them in the process as they struggle and to celebrate when they overcome. This is really doing life together!

Out of this world ministry
Whether you are building a house or are out in the streets praying for people or putting on an outreach event, you will MAKE IMPACT through our strategic relationships with our Global Partners.

Here is what we take care of, so you don’t have to:
Pre-trip training
Airfare negotiation
Setting up all the logistics in country with our Global Partners
Strategic, intentional projects and outreaches
Team Training
Good food
A clean place to sleep
Getting everyone home safely with lives transformed

In the evening, there will be time for small groups, team building, and relaxation.  Youth groups will have times of worship and messages from speakers geared to help your teens live out their lives to change the world. It is like having a youth conference and mission trip all wrapped into one!

We have many ways you and your youth group can be involved in missions.

Join a Fuel Trip

Join us on an established trip we are already promoting. All the details are planned and ready to go. Your team members can have money sent directly to Fuel International, or you can collect the money and send it to us as a group.  If you need help with booking airfare to our US departure city, we have recommendations.

Create your own

There are many options for your group. We have partners all over the world who we have worked with or are presently working with.  If you want to go somewhere that we don’t have a partner, we will do some research to find one.  We set up everything you need and send a representative from Fuel with your team into the target country to help with all of the details. Our leader can help with the spiritual growth of your team, or you can do it all on your own.  The cost of the trip will include food, lodging, transportation, and outreach supplies.  Airfare will be determined upon setup of the trip and will be an additional cost.

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