Baja Mexico

One Week Trip 1:  July 7 – July 14
One Week Trip 2:  July 14 – July 21
Two Week Trip:  July 7 – July 21

Building Homes, Street Evangelism, Changing Lives


We Fuel your impact…

Fuel International masterfully works with our global partners to come up with a complete strategy that will creatively Impact their on going ministry long after we leave their nation, leaving an indelible mark in their communities with the goal of bringing it back home and replicating that vision and strategy into our own home towns across America.

You will be trained, equipped and released for maximum Impact in each nation and cities we launch into.

Get ready to take it up a few notches whether you are a novice or someone who has ministered in other nations before. Even though its just a short drive across the U.S. border, you will have entered another world of need where you will MAKE IMPACT!

Imagine being trained to Impact a culture and a generation that will long out live you.

Imagine bringing that Impact back home to be released on your generation with a sustainable plan for Impact in your community, region, and nation.


Beach anyone? You can look at it and soak in the sun beams or taBaja Marketke a horse out for a ride.

Someone say shopping? Some of the greatest little markets for your great bar-gains (Like to barter? Here is a place take care of that little itch!)


We Fuel your ministry…

Imagine an area and people in poverty and a Church in need.  You will be assisting a local Church in doing various building projects and work!  Enabling them to be able to reach more people.

Imagine reaching generations through drama in the streets!

Imagine one on one ministry where people are accepting Jesus for the first time because you came and loved on them!

Imagine going to an orphanage playing and loving on kids that don’t have a family!

Imagine Outdoor events that target kids, youth, college, young adults, and families, reaching them where they are at, in the streets! Take over a town’s soccer field or basketball court with bounce houses, music, food, and JESUS!

Imagine being a part of planting churches where no church exists!

If you take on the second week of this trip you will head to more rustic less reached areas and also be doing prison ministry, and orphan ministry.

One Week Trip 1 Cost: $896* | July 7-14
One Week Trip 2 Cost
: $896* | July 14-21
Two Week Trip Cost: $1396* | July 7-21

Minimum Age: 12
Youth Groups Allowed: Of Course!  Contact us about group discounts that are available.

* Does not include airfare to/from staring point of San Diego.

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